Norway tightens asylum regulations

Norway tightens asylum regulations

Not everyone who comes to Norway is entitled to protection under the Refugee Convention. Persons who do not qualify for asylum or other permits in Norway, and whose applications are denied, must return to their country of origin or country of habitual residence.

Applications that appear likely to be denied will be given priority and fast-tracked.

Anyone crossing the border into Norway must have a visa. If you want to work or study in Norway, you must apply for the relevant permit(s) before you travel to Norway.

Applications can be submitted at the Norwegian embassy.

People from safe areas of Afghanistan or who have been granted residence in another country will have their application rejected and will be deported. People from areas that are not considered safe may be returned to other parts of Afghanistan.

In 2014 and 2015 more than 500 people have been returned from Norway to Afghanistan.

“The government is going to reduce benefits for asylum seekers and introduce tighter rules for asylum and family immigration,” says Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen (Progress Party – FrP).

 To stem the flow of asylum seekers to Norway, the government is introducing several measures including:

  • reducing benefits for people living in reception centres
  • increasing the period of residence to become eligible for permanent residence
  • using integration criteria for the granting of applications for permanent residence
  • limiting family reunification and family establishment rights for refugees

For a more detailed list of restrictions please visit this Facebook-page where the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security provides information about the current regulations and the tightening of Norway’s asylum policy.