Check list for visas (Tourist , Business-Conference , D, and EU/EEA mover)

Last updated: 14.02.2017 // A number of documents are required in order to process a visa application. Applicants must bring the complete set of supporting documents on their date of appointment. Please see the links below for the list of supporting documents.

Please print the check list and answer the questions in English or Norwegian and submitt along with your application.

As the Embassy scan all the documents please do not staple the papaers

برای سهولت در امر اسکن مدارک لطفا مدارک خود را منگنه نکنید.

  • If you are visiting your children who lives in Norway please click here
  • If you are visiting your brother or sister who lives in Norway please click here
  • For Business or Conferance please click here


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